Fall Week 11 PPJ | Lawrence Lighty

It’s been somewhat of a hectic two weeks.  The end of the term is nigh and multitasking between senior project and other finals have been tiring. The first week was very productive as apposed to the second week.

What made the Goats Scream

First off, major story elements were changed which resulted in positive feedback from our peers. Since we changed and updated the story, we also had to reshoot footage for mocap, So Elif, Kathy, and I accomplished that.  Also, a group of us were able to meet up with the Music Industry group to discuss the sound effects that are needed for the animatic/animation.  On top of that I was able to work on a few more modeling assets, not a lot but enough.


What made the Goats Cry

So for the second week, I didn’t really work on anything during the Thanksgiving break. I wasn’t near a laptop or computer where i could get my hands on Maya.


Fall Week11 PPJ | Kathy Fu

The past two weeks have been very productive! I have completed all the base models. Since completion there has been a change in art direction so it’s going back and modifying the models. Now there is only the Dad left. Other models are completed.


What made the goats scream

The final adjusted story is very exciting and the whole team is excited about it!

What made the goats cry

Nothing really. Though I had to make stylistic adjustments to the model, it wasn’t very difficult and I enjoyed attempting a new modeling style.

Fall Week 11 | Team PPJ

Two weeks later and we have a brand new story! But have no fear, because we don’t! We came up with a solution to our endless cycle of story revisions by finding and adapting a new story. Because we’ve been so engulfed in the story dilemma for quite some time, we kind of lost sight in our artistic style. But again, fear no more! Because we recently updated our character art, as well as our character models, and they look great!

What Made the Goats Scream:

For the first time in a while, we’re not reverting back to an old idea or making any “rash” decisions. We’re excited to see the faculty today and let them know on how we decided to move our project forward.

What Made the Goats Cry: 

While we produced a lot of quality assets this term, we still tended to dwell on the story almost every week. This might’ve stunted our productivity at times, but ultimately our long battle with our story carried us to where we are now! And we’re actually not crying so much! We still do have some unfinished tasks for the fall term, like rigging and blendshapes, but it shouldn’t hinder us that much as we approach winter break.

Fall Week 11 PPJ | Sam Ortiz

We decided that our old story wasn’t working so we changed it. Luckily all the assets we create can be slightly adjusted to fit our new story. The project has started to have the feeling we all wanted to achieve.

I was able to model a few objects such as the pregnancy test, swing, and chair. I also updates a few other models that I made before.


What made the Goats Scream

I’m very happy with the direction our story is taking. It communicates and flows much better than the previous one. We can finally start to see the pieces fall into place for the project.

What made the Goats Cry

Changing the story and adjusting our plans to it has definitely added some stress to the group. Also Thanksgiving break was definitely a break for me. I barely did any work for the project


Fall Week 11 PPJ | Elif Yargic

OMG! We literally changed our story! It was a very late change but we are happier with the story and even happier that we get to use our existing characters and models. We are just trashing our storyboards, mocap, and animatics. The only thing with this story is we just have the core story but not enough in between events that it moves overwhelmingly fast. But Berton once told us that we should first have the core shots that we definitely need and then add the rest as we need them… so I guess it’s fine… We actually even did a last minute mocap and have a complete animatic! Yay!

What made the goats scream

Our new story communicates better. It’s more clear and easier to understand. I am so happy that we randomly came across a story that we can use all the existing characters and assets! Unbelievable.

What made the goats cry

It’s been very hard to change our story every two weeks and constantly do a new animatic. We had 5 mocap sessions and I actually cleaned up all the data, characterized, and animated every single one.

Fall Week 11 PPJ | Elly Nemtsov

I’m feeling pretty good about these past couple weeks! We made a pretty big move and changed our story a bit! But we believe the story is much better and we’re using all of our existing assets, so we’re actually in a much better place now than a couple weeks ago. I made us a new Teaser/Behind-The-Scenes Video! I’m happy how it turned out; it sets the mood pretty well! We also had our first task with our Music/Sound team completed, so that was exciting!! I was really impressed with the quick turnaround, even for scratch audio.

What Made the Goats Scream:

We’re smooth sailing with our new story! We’re now adding some creepier elements that we can afford to make because our story holds enough weight. Our models are beginning to look stylized like originally intended, so I’m psyched about that!

What Made the Goats Cry:

I missed out on a lot of work during Thanksgiving Break so I didn’t get to move the rigs forward at all. So we still need completed rigs to stay on track for our fall term schedule.

Fall Week 11 PPJ | Victoria Loyo


Well, it has been a good couple of weeks. Our new story makes more sense, it’s based on a Spanish Urban Legend and it actually is very creepy and interesting which is our goal.

I made some scene drawings that turned out better than I expected and I finished more models for the forest scene.

What made the Goats Scream 

We feel scared for what’s to come and all the prep work that we are still lacking but we are excited with how things have turned out. I particularly don’t think we are that far behind, we are lacking lighting, rigs and blend shapes. I don’t think that is going to set us back that much. We have to compile the OBJs in some Maya scenes but that shouldn’t take long either because we have layouts. All in all, I think we are in a good shape, just a couple of steps behind what we wanted.

What made the Goats Cry 

Thanksgiving. It was a good time but I particularly barely did anything during that time. My computer charger ripped on Friday night and NO ONE had a Mac charger. I had to do the impossible to order one and get it in a reasonable time but even then I didn’t do much. The good thing is that I had to do scene drawings which didn’t need the computer so I was not worried too much about my deliverables for the senior project.

Team PPJ | Week 9

I feel like every week we’re like “holy cow, it’s week ##!” But now that it’s Week 09, the term is nearing the end and we have so much to do! Luckily, the Goats are moving! It seems like we’ve allocated tasks just right so that the energy spent on working is actually moving the team forward toward our Fall Term goals, which are: having a complete animatic & being in a good place for production come Winter Term. The structure of our story is still intact this time around, so that’s definitely a good sign for us! We just have to hone in some of the details to make for a standalone piece.

What Made the Goats Scream:

It looks like everyone is really carrying their load and moving the project forward. We have the Mocap data we need for the final animatic, and although we’re technically behind in our projected timeline, both the character and environment models are coming out at a great pace for Week 9.

What Made the Goats Cry:

We’re just racing the clock at this point. We know what we have to get done by the end of the term, and we know that we have to stay really focused in the coming weeks, regardless of the disarray of the country 🙂




Fall Week 9 PPJ | Elly Nemtsov

So Week 09 is definitely catching up with me. Even though my deliverable load was not very heavy, I’ve had a few personal set backs over the past week. I’m definitely a little overwhelmed!

Since our Mom rig doesn’t require much complexity because she doesn’t get much acting time, I’ve been trying to use this time as an opportunity to watch different rigging tutorials here and there. And while I thought that would be efficient in kind of getting the best of a few worlds, I found myself missing steps here and there. The goal was to tackle these problems in the past couple days, but I had some family ordeals over the weekend.

What Made the Goats Scream:

I had a great time capturing Mocap with Maddie, Nick’s daughter! So much energy. It definitely makes me feel good to see the team working so hard and getting things done; it will push me this week to get my personal momentum up and running.

What Made the Goats Cry:

I just lost some valuable working time this past week, with some lingering rigging uncertainties.

Fall Week 9 PPJ | Sam Ortiz

I have spent this week modeling and cleaning up assets that will be used in the apartment environment. I’m happy with how the models are all turning out.

The team spent a day shooting mocap and I was one of the actors used. It took awhile but we got good results from it. We were able to got a lot of good shoots with both Maddie and myself interacting with each other. I also made a fool of myself wearing the suit.

The What made the goats scream

The projects are starting to come together and we’re having a better idea of what its all gonna look like


What made the goats cry

The end of the quarter is coming up and it feels like we still have a lot left to do.

Also Trump is our president now…