Fall Week 03 | Team PPJ



It’s only week 3 and it’s safe to say that Screaming Goat Animation Studios has already had its fair share of screams, both for joy and…not. With various minor flaws in our story, the team has been divided as to how to move forward on multiple occasions. But thanks to our first and daunting faculty pitch (see how daunting in Figure 1), a good amount of those flaws became much clearer to comprehend, thus creating opportunity for revision and refinement. To further refine our story this week, we scheduled one-on-one meetings with 5 faculty members that were present at the pitch. We were very thankful for their critiques and advice and we would really just like to dig deeper into the issues on an individual basis.


shot_32-copyFigure 1


It is only week 3, but we have also been hustling and moving in a positive direction. We’ve assigned each other specific roles, and everyone began contributing in those roles this past week. We already have motion capture data for our animatic, we’ve fleshed out our Gantt chart with a master asset list and hierarchy of tasks, we’ve been researching realistic shaders and scalable rigs, and we’ve refined character concept ideas.  Even with work heavy classes and other life obstacles, we are staying on top of the game!





(some notes from shader research)


What made the Goats scream

We’ve gotten a lot more organized by assigning specific roles and further sophisticating our Gantt chart, so that’s great! We also took more initiative by immediately proposing solutions to the concerns brought up at the faculty pitch and by scheduling our one-on-one’s ASAP so that we have even more refined story assets before our next faculty pitch.

What made the Goats cry

As a team, we need to work a little harder at getting a full attendance at our own pitches! Aside from that, we’re dealing with software and technology that require a bit of a learning curve, so we need to really dive into the unknown at full throttle, sooner rather than later. We’re also lacking in concept art, so we need to really zone in on that in the next week or so.


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