Fall Week 3 PPJ | Elif Yargic

We decided to use mocap for our previsualization so this week I captured all the shots we currently have. My husband acted out all the actions we need for our two main characters, John and Billy. It was really exciting to see our story come alive as he acted out. I hope that it looks as good when I apply the data to our characters. As we revise our story, we might need new data but at least the majority of it is captured. I captured a few takes for each shot so next week I need to go through all of them and clean up the data.

Hours spent:

  • Meeting: 1 hour
  • Mocap session: 3 hours
  • Total: 4 hours

What made the goats scream: The mocap session went really well and quick. I captured lots of data without any problems.

What made the goats cry: To act out the shots, my husband used props (table, chair, etc.) which blocked the markers. So I really need to do lots of data clean up before I can use them.


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