Fall Week 3 PPJ | Elly Nemtsov

I can’t believe it’s week 3 of our senior year already!

Since the term already feels like it’s flying by, we can use all the resources and time we can get. For this reason, I’m using our ANIM411-Advanced Animation course to try and practice VFX simulations that we plan on using in our final animation. I made an attempt at blowing dust off of the surface of a suitcase. And although it looks more like a snowy vortex emerging from a travel bag, after asking a few of the right questions, I’m confident I can get that one down in the next coming week.


The creation of the Gantt Chart has proven itself an exhausting and tiresome process, yet again. Since Lawrence is taking on the majority of that bundle of joy, I couldn’t let him have ALL the fun. So I took a stab at creating a master asset list with a rough estimate as to how long each asset would take to create. I always find it hard to plan for things so far down the road, but the more I look at it, the more I see the value in having that kind of organization. Plus, having all the planned assets written out looks a lot more impressive than just having “Modeling” and “Texturing”.

I’ve also been graced with the opportunity to be “Lead Rigger”, so I get make the bones that make the characters move! No one on the team is really crazy about rigging, so I volunteered as tribute. Since we have 4 characters and don’t have a huge production team, our goal is to make one solid rig and find an effective way to scale the one rig to accommodate the child characters and the older characters. I definitely look forward to the technological challenge!

Hours Spent 

  • Group Meeting: 1 Hour
  • Dust Simulation: 5.5 hours
  • Master Asset List: 4 Hours
  • Rigging Research: 1.5 hours

Total Hours Spent: 12 Hours

What Made The Goats Scream

I’m really excited about VFX simulations! I’m starting to understand more and more on how to implement particle systems and instancing to our advantage, so things like forests, rain, and a funeral crowd seem more achievable as the days go on.

What Made The Goats Cry

I had hoped that I could bring some revelation to the table as to how to effectively scale a rig to make our lives easier. And I did find a couple theories, but I didn’t get to put those theories to the test. So I want to make it a goal for this coming week to get some experimenting going and see what works.



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