Fall Week 3 PPJ | Kathy Fu

This week the group assigned general roles to each member and I was happily assigned to be the concept artist and the lead UV/texturing artist.

This week my main focus was on research. I spent a lot of time researching and testing textures for the eyeball because when I was trying eyeball textures in the past with vRay, and had the problem of it not looking realistic even with subsurface scatter shader. Through research there were some suggestions of painting then back of the eyeball red to achieve the right effect for the corner of the eye but actually it still did not work very well. The eyeball still looked very fake and awkward. In the end I realized that by turning down the overall color, it would be able to achieve a realistic render.

Aside from shader research , I also did some googling for reference to my concept art of the environment. Looking at not only real life references but also in terms of art style.

Hours Spent

  • Group Meeting: 1 Hour
  • Research for reference: 2 hours
  • Shader research: 6 Hours

Total Hours Spent: 9 Hours

What Made The Goats Scream

I am super excited that the team has decided on creating high quality textures as that is what I seek to achieve through this project. This week having had the eyeball texture figured out was a big accomplishment for me. It took many hours of trial and error but it final turned out okay!


(some notes from shader research)

What Made The Goats Cry

I was hoping to have kicked out some concept art for this week but the particle simulation took a lot longer than I expected so I did not have a chance to get to it. Also I am still a little unsure about the story but hopefully after the team meets with professors for a more in depth conversation, we would have a better understanding of how we can make our story better.



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