Fall Week 5 PPJ | Elly Nemtsov

So a good portion of Week 03 was spent meeting with 4 different faculty members, one-on-one. And those meetings pretty much determined where our story was headed going into the Week 04 Faculty Pitch. There were a lot of very insightful thoughts and suggestions from the professors, so we tried to pick out bits and pieces from each meeting and mold it into our story. And I’m happy where the story is! Now the challenge is to be able to visually tell our story and get an audience on board with it!

Our storyboards were well framed, but still very roughly drawn before the presentation. So the night before, I took over and tried my best to add emotion to the characters and add visual cues to make the story flow. And even though those little additions were recognized during the presentation, we still got crickets after letting our animatic run. Unfortunately the only time we visually show our story to an audience is at our faculty pitches, and each time, we’ve gotten a harsh wake-up call!

Last week, Elif and I spent a few hours in the Mocap room capturing data for our animatic. I feel like we both have a good grasp on how the characters should act, so it was fun watching Elif bring the boys to life (especially since it was her first time in the suit)! I had to head home for Yom Kippur from Tuesday to Thursday, so I didn’t have a lot of time to work. And when I came back to Philly, I ended up spending the weekend troubleshooting 20min-60min/frame render times for my ANIM411 assignment.

But even though this wasn’t a task for Senior Project, I was forced to dive deeper into V-Ray, which I had never done. So I could have some solutions for rendering issues that our group might run into in the future!

What Made the Goats Scream

I am really happy that I was forced to delve into V-Ray. I know a lot of past projects have had rendering issues too late in the game, so hopefully this nightmare of a weekend will have prepared us for future issues.  I’m also happy that we have a good amount of motion capture data; we might need that animatic boost ASAP to help visualize our story.

What Made the Goats Cry

The crickets after running our animatic at the pitch was pretty bad. I want to just spend all my time fixing up the storyboard and creating a clearer visual representation of our story, but I know time is of the essence and my time is more valuable elsewhere (rigging).


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