Fall Week 5 PPJ | Elif Yargic

Since we changed our story, I had to do mocap again. Last week I acted out and Elly helped me capture. This time it took longer to capture because we have more shots. This was my first time wearing the suit and although the suit was very smelly, it was fun to act. We didn’t have any trouble capturing the data. The only difficulty I had was acting out Billy when he falls backwards into the well. We tried to use the big ladder in the studio but it was shiny and reflected as markers. I climbed on a very small ladder and as I was acting out, I almost actually fell. I got so scared! Later on I cleaned up all the data in Blade. I was very happy to see that they were initially pretty clean. If there was a prop in the scene or when I am sitting down, I had to clean up the blocked markers. I never had this problem before, but when I exported the data as .fbx and brought into MotionBuilder, I had no data whatsoever. Some of the shots had 3 markers (no skeleton!). I figured they might have been corrupted somehow when I exported them so I went back to my cleaned up data and exported all the shots again. It worked! I am currently working in MotionBuilder characterizing all the shots and editing them in story mode. I hope to have the animatic done by our meeting with Nick on Wednesday.

What made the goats scream

We finally have a refined story that we like. Now that we figured out the story we should move on to creating the models and rigs so that we can start to animate in Winter.

What made the goats cry

I feel like the time is passing by so fast and it scares me. I hope we can deliver everything on time as we promised. As a team we should definitely work harder to achieve more.


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