Fall Week 5 PPJ | Kathy Fu

The past two weeks have been extremely productive in terms of story development! With feedback from all the professors, we finally settled our story! I spent most of my time creating the rough storyboards, concept art, and pipeline design/file organization. I also started the asset list which included all the models needed.


What Made The Goats Scream

For me the best thing in the past two weeks is that we have became a lot more organized. Our files have been very messy and unorganized on the google drive. But since I worked on the pipeline and set up folders on the server and started using Basecamp, things have became more organized and clear!

What Made The Goats Cry

Because the storyboards were so rough, a lot of the story was not clear through the animatic which we did not explain. During the presentation, a lot of the questions brought up by the faculty were actually answered in the one scene showing the letter from the mother. I think I might have focused too much on how the shot was framed instead of making sure that the audience could understand the story.



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