Fall Week 5 PPJ | Victoria Loyo

The past couple of weeks I have been expanding on the character design. We have progressed a lot with our story so because of that we decided to expand and add as many different versions of the character as possible so that we, as a whole team, can choose what specific one gets closer to the version we want. There was a meeting and some decisions made, we decided on a specific animation style and I had to redraw the characters as their new style. I have also made orthographic images of both the child model and the adult model.

What made the Goats Scream 

There has been a significant improvement over the past weeks with our story and this has helped us get more of a realized concept that we want. The characters have changed a bit and I think for the better.

What made the Goats Cry 

I asked my group for animation style for the drawings and got just a couple of responses that didn’t actually answered the question so I went with an animation/drawing style that, when we met, they didn’t like. (-.-) I was very frustrated at the time because as I was showing it they just stared in silence (clearly hating it) and their comment was “it’s not the animation style I was picturing”. So I said, “I asked you guys a couple of days ago…”(trying not to kill them). We talked and resolved it, I made the corrections and we are fine but it was definitely something that could’ve been avoided.

There was also a confusion with our second pitch, we definitely didn’t explain the story as we should’ve.


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