Fall Week 5 | Team PPJ

It seems like just yesterday we were writing our Week 03 PPJ. Time is flying by super fast. Our Week 03 was composed of one-on-one meetings with 4 different faculty members. We did not want to touch the story until we got our  4 professors to give us their two cents. They gave a lot of helpful and insightful suggestions, and as a team, we chiseled down the ranging spectrum of advice, and we have sculpted what now is our final story. We were fairly confident going into the faculty pitch; a lot of concerns we had in previous versions were answered with our newest iteration. Unfortunately, our storyboards could not tell our story as well as we could in our heads. Even with last minute touch-ups to the storyboards, the shots just did not read to our audience. This is our biggest challenge. But we are confident we will get there.

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We have become a lot more organized over the past week. We started to use Basecamp and we find it very useful in keeping everything on track. Kathy sorted out our pipeline and file naming conventions, so our file storage is a lot cleaner and efficient. This organization helped us more easily recognize and prioritize our tasks, so our group branched off and got a lot done this week. Elif and Elly spent a few hours in the Mocap room, capturing data for our animatic. We made use of an existing character model we built for a previous class, so Sam has been working on touching up the topology for a base model that we can use to sculpt our characters with. Kathy and Victoria have been working on concept art and asset research. And Lawrence has blocked in our environments that we will use for our animatic. We can all agree that the term is moving quicker than we thought, but we are moving forward in all areas!

What Made the Goats Scream

We are getting a lot done! We cleaned up nice over the week with pipeline design and the use of Basecamp. Our milestone for the end of the term is to have a complete animatic, and we are definitely moving toward that direction at a decent pace. We also got our hands dirty with V-Ray this past week for our ANIM411 assignments, which makes rendering seem not so scary anymore.

What Made the Goats Cry

The faculty pitch made us cry. We have the story, but we just do not have the visual cues and tropes in place to present our story clearly. We do have a number of ideas for visual cues, but we need to implement them asap into something whole that we can show an audience for “play-testing”. Again, time is moving very quickly and it is pretty scary! We have a lot to get done before the end of Fall Term, so we really have to push through the next couple weeks and have some strong deliverables. More quality bonding time in the labs should help with that! 🙂


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