Fall Week 7 PPJ | Kathy Fu

The past two weeks have been a bit stressful as the story still needed polishing. I have mainly been working on modeling. I have mostly modeling the mom’s face, the body is somewhat in place but still need work. Also would need her outfit as well, which is a dress.

From v01 to v02, the fixes are as below:

  • shaping of the face: the face should be modeled in a relatively relaxed expression
  • the volume of the mesh: realizing the bone and muscle structure so the model is “solid”. v01 lacks the volume in figure (especially the thighs and torso)
  • edge-flow: topology should be evenly spread
  • density: additional edgeloops on the face for better sculpting
  • reducing certain details: things like the shaping of the part behind the knees should be done with displacement/normal map. The base mesh should not contain such details because it will make animation a bit more difficult.
  • the eyelids: double eyelids are usually not modeled as an actual fold, it should have volume and the crease can be exaggerated with textures.

What still needs work:

  • topology: the topology still needs a lot of work. note around the eyes there is a line of edges that are not an edgeloop, this will cause problems in the future
  • shaping: the shaping of the body still needs work. Especially the breasts and the hand.
  • combining: in v02 the head and the body are not yet connected, need to connect that after fixing some topology.


Aside from the model, I also did cloud simulation tests to be used in our project.


What made the goats scream

I’m glad we finally have the story settled, it’s a lot more comforting that the story is finally set.

On top of that, we are finally using basecamp more that is very comforting.

What made the goats cry

I think we are behind schedule which kind of set our team into panic mode. Models where supposed to be done by week05 but we still don’t have it yet. I think all members of our team are failing to deliver what we said we would, probably most likely because we over estimated the amount of time we would have, and underestimated the time needed for the tasks.


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