Fall Week 7 PPJ | Elif Yargic

These past two weeks I have been working on our animatic. Last week I created an animatic using the mocap we did and characters from Adobe Fuse. Unfortunately we were missing some mocap data since we changed our story so I used stock images as placeholders (Which turned out to be hilarious). But fortunately, creating that animatic made us realize that the way we presented our story didn’t work. Last week we spent many hours trying to change our story (keeping the core elements but changing the way they occur). We finally FINALLY have a story that we like. We shot reference videos this week and I put them together. Now the story is much more clear but we also need to add some reaction shots and make the whole story go slower. The cuts are very fast and it is jarring. I will work more on the animatic with the final FINAL story we have.

What made the goats scream

I’m  very happy with our story right now. Our reference shoot was very productive. We also went to a cemetery nearby to take reference pics and videos. It was a beautiful day.

What made the goats cry

We are behind schedule! I’m sort of panicked because we were planning on having base models done by week 5 so that we could start rigging, refining the models, and doing blend shapes. It’s week 7 and we still don’t have a base model! Right now our priority is to have the models done asap. I’m just afraid that there might not be enough time to refine our models this term. Not all of us are delivering what they promise they would and that really sets us back. We have to work harder as a team if we want to have the character models and blend shapes done, rigged, and refined.


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