Fall Week 7 PPJ | Victoria Loyo

We changed the story, there were too many flaws before. After 7 hours  or more we got what we wanted and we are on track to start all over again with some things like, shot placements, time, etc.

These past weeks I have done the orthos and re-done the orthos, the style that we are looking for is not as realistic in terms of muscle definition so the characters had to be less defined. I have been working on the expressions and coloring concept art so that we have a palette for each character. I am also looking into blend shapes and how they work.

We filmed reference shooting in my apartment, timing is not completely there yet. There are some things that should happen slower and Elif is managing that.

What made the Goats Scream 

We have a story that we can all agree on. The old one had too many flaws ranging on too little context and too much context. This one is more condensed, clear and we all like it so now we can focus more on the making of it.

What made the Goats Cry 

We are all kind of freaking out with our timing. We scoped this to have base things done by this week and we don’t, we focused too little on the story at first and now it worked against us. I believe we can still get things together in a couple of weeks if we focus so hopefully we are not that far behind.


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