Team PPJ | Week 7

If you were anywhere near the vicinity of the team the last couple weeks, you could definitely hear the Goats screaming, or crying (whichever is more unpleasant to the ear). Aside from making the whole URBN Annex laugh from our animatic (keep in mind we’re not doing comedy), we received a lot of feedback that really woke us up from what could have been a nightmare of an over scoped project. Our story just had too much going on in too many locations, and we weren’t achieving what we wanted with our project. So after hours of ripping the story apart with a hint of mental breakdown across the board, we finally have a story structure that we can set sail with and now get the Goat on the road.

A lot of energy was allotted to the refinement of the story, and now we need to reallocate it back to the other tasks, because we are about two weeks behind. But we already have a fairly decent animatic-esque thing that we can watch and decide what’s missing and what shots need an extra beat or two. Overall, I think we might have fell down the Well for the time being. We have a lot of slack to pick up, but we are a team and we can help each other climb back up to the light.

What made the Goats Scream:

We have a story! Whoo! We think we finally have a foundation that we can show and have it make sense to people (or more so elicit the response we want to achieve).

What made the Goats Cry:

We’re behind and in panic mode! Whoo! We need to really buckle down this week and the next, and we need to work significantly harder than before. In the future, we need to work on under-promising and over-delivering, because right now, we’re really successful at the opposite.


Here’s some reference footage + storyboard elements that will probably be confusing to anyone that isn’t on the team, but might fun to watch:


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