Fall Week 9 PPJ | Elif Yargic

I have been having so much fun with the animatic. We have done two new mocap sessions and had so much fun with Nick’s daughter. Because of her proportions, cleaning up the data was very very challenging. But it was worth cleaning up because we actually had two characters interacting which made the animatic look much better.

What made the goats scream

Our project is finally coming together. The errors I got in Maya are hilarious!

What made the goats cry

Maya makes me cry. I was working on my laptop and when I tried to save, it gave me an error and crashed. When I tried to open a new scene it kept crashing. I googled it and found out the only way to fix it is to format my laptop. They said that even reinstalling Maya won’t fix it. But I deleted the maya folder in preferences and it worked. I just had to start over.


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