Fall Week 9 PPJ | Elly Nemtsov

So Week 09 is definitely catching up with me. Even though my deliverable load was not very heavy, I’ve had a few personal set backs over the past week. I’m definitely a little overwhelmed!

Since our Mom rig doesn’t require much complexity because she doesn’t get much acting time, I’ve been trying to use this time as an opportunity to watch different rigging tutorials here and there. And while I thought that would be efficient in kind of getting the best of a few worlds, I found myself missing steps here and there. The goal was to tackle these problems in the past couple days, but I had some family ordeals over the weekend.

What Made the Goats Scream:

I had a great time capturing Mocap with Maddie, Nick’s daughter! So much energy. It definitely makes me feel good to see the team working so hard and getting things done; it will push me this week to get my personal momentum up and running.

What Made the Goats Cry:

I just lost some valuable working time this past week, with some lingering rigging uncertainties.


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