Fall Week 9 PPJ | Victoria Loyo


This week has been very focused on finishing asset models for the environments. The list of kitchen models was separated between Lawrence, Sam and me, we finished all in the list but we need to double check the clean up is good. I started on the assets for the forest scene that include several different trees, the well, roots for the trees, a couple of fallen branches and some leaves. I am hoping to finish this by Wednesday.

What made the Goats Scream 

We got to have a MoCap shoot with Nick’s daughter, Maddie, and it was a great experience. She liked the story a lot and her acting was great. She even directed her co-star Sam when she wanted him to do something different that helped with the story. Overall a very fun experience.

What made the Goats Cry 

Time. The clock is ticking and we need all the assets done, all the environments done, all the characters done and all the rigs done. We really want to focus solely on animating , light and texture on Winter term and for that we are all very stressed with time and finishing the other tasks. Not only that but finals are also coming so everything is just pilling up.

I was also defeated in a sword fight against Maddie, she is merciless.


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