Fall Week 11 PPJ | Elif Yargic

OMG! We literally changed our story! It was a very late change but we are happier with the story and even happier that we get to use our existing characters and models. We are just trashing our storyboards, mocap, and animatics. The only thing with this story is we just have the core story but not enough in between events that it moves overwhelmingly fast. But Berton once told us that we should first have the core shots that we definitely need and then add the rest as we need them… so I guess it’s fine… We actually even did a last minute mocap and have a complete animatic! Yay!

What made the goats scream

Our new story communicates better. It’s more clear and easier to understand. I am so happy that we randomly came across a story that we can use all the existing characters and assets! Unbelievable.

What made the goats cry

It’s been very hard to change our story every two weeks and constantly do a new animatic. We had 5 mocap sessions and I actually cleaned up all the data, characterized, and animated every single one.


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