Fall Week 11 PPJ | Lawrence Lighty

It’s been somewhat of a hectic two weeks.  The end of the term is nigh and multitasking between senior project and other finals have been tiring. The first week was very productive as apposed to the second week.

What made the Goats Scream

First off, major story elements were changed which resulted in positive feedback from our peers. Since we changed and updated the story, we also had to reshoot footage for mocap, So Elif, Kathy, and I accomplished that.  Also, a group of us were able to meet up with the Music Industry group to discuss the sound effects that are needed for the animatic/animation.  On top of that I was able to work on a few more modeling assets, not a lot but enough.


What made the Goats Cry

So for the second week, I didn’t really work on anything during the Thanksgiving break. I wasn’t near a laptop or computer where i could get my hands on Maya.


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