Fall Week 9 PPJ | Elif Yargic

I have been having so much fun with the animatic. We have done two new mocap sessions and had so much fun with Nick’s daughter. Because of her proportions, cleaning up the data was very very challenging. But it was worth cleaning up because we actually had two characters interacting which made the animatic look much better.

What made the goats scream

Our project is finally coming together. The errors I got in Maya are hilarious!

What made the goats cry

Maya makes me cry. I was working on my laptop and when I tried to save, it gave me an error and crashed. When I tried to open a new scene it kept crashing. I googled it and found out the only way to fix it is to format my laptop. They said that even reinstalling Maya won’t fix it. But I deleted the maya folder in preferences and it worked. I just had to start over.


Fall Week 9 PPJ | Kathy Fu

The past two weeks have been a bit more productive! I have completed the mom model and made some progress on the other models.

I’ve also been working on the two kid models of John and Billy.

Above is the current model of Kid John. The model is 95% complete. Minor changes to the face is needed (adjustments to the face by moving it forward a bit, moving the lip and nose lower and more definition in the brow area). The UVs are already completed for this model.


This is kid Billy. (the image is not clickable because it’s a lower resolution)


What made the goats scream

Having two characters 90% complete!

What made the goats cry

Maya has been causing many issues/crashing often.

Fall Week 9 PPJ | Lawrence Lighty

For the last week, I worked on mocap with Elif and I spent time working on the assets for the apartment.  Sam, Victoria and I have all divided up the work for the environment, which has sped up the process of a lot of the modeling.  I’ve started cleaning up most of my models while some models still need to be worked on.

What made the Goats Scream

It was my first time doing mocap ever and it was a nice experience.  I was able to help Elif re-shoot the scenes that needed to be done, which resulted in cleaner data and made her job easier.  Also, with the help of Sam and Victoria with environment modeling, we should be able to dish out asset models faster than usual.

What made the Goats Cry

Having certain duties finished by the end of the quarter could lead to a few setbacks.  But I’m confident that it will not push us back far.



Fall Week 9 PPJ | Victoria Loyo


This week has been very focused on finishing asset models for the environments. The list of kitchen models was separated between Lawrence, Sam and me, we finished all in the list but we need to double check the clean up is good. I started on the assets for the forest scene that include several different trees, the well, roots for the trees, a couple of fallen branches and some leaves. I am hoping to finish this by Wednesday.

What made the Goats Scream 

We got to have a MoCap shoot with Nick’s daughter, Maddie, and it was a great experience. She liked the story a lot and her acting was great. She even directed her co-star Sam when she wanted him to do something different that helped with the story. Overall a very fun experience.

What made the Goats Cry 

Time. The clock is ticking and we need all the assets done, all the environments done, all the characters done and all the rigs done. We really want to focus solely on animating , light and texture on Winter term and for that we are all very stressed with time and finishing the other tasks. Not only that but finals are also coming so everything is just pilling up.

I was also defeated in a sword fight against Maddie, she is merciless.

Fall Week 7 PPJ | Victoria Loyo

We changed the story, there were too many flaws before. After 7 hours  or more we got what we wanted and we are on track to start all over again with some things like, shot placements, time, etc.

These past weeks I have done the orthos and re-done the orthos, the style that we are looking for is not as realistic in terms of muscle definition so the characters had to be less defined. I have been working on the expressions and coloring concept art so that we have a palette for each character. I am also looking into blend shapes and how they work.

We filmed reference shooting in my apartment, timing is not completely there yet. There are some things that should happen slower and Elif is managing that.

What made the Goats Scream 

We have a story that we can all agree on. The old one had too many flaws ranging on too little context and too much context. This one is more condensed, clear and we all like it so now we can focus more on the making of it.

What made the Goats Cry 

We are all kind of freaking out with our timing. We scoped this to have base things done by this week and we don’t, we focused too little on the story at first and now it worked against us. I believe we can still get things together in a couple of weeks if we focus so hopefully we are not that far behind.

Team PPJ | Week 7

If you were anywhere near the vicinity of the team the last couple weeks, you could definitely hear the Goats screaming, or crying (whichever is more unpleasant to the ear). Aside from making the whole URBN Annex laugh from our animatic (keep in mind we’re not doing comedy), we received a lot of feedback that really woke us up from what could have been a nightmare of an over scoped project. Our story just had too much going on in too many locations, and we weren’t achieving what we wanted with our project. So after hours of ripping the story apart with a hint of mental breakdown across the board, we finally have a story structure that we can set sail with and now get the Goat on the road.

A lot of energy was allotted to the refinement of the story, and now we need to reallocate it back to the other tasks, because we are about two weeks behind. But we already have a fairly decent animatic-esque thing that we can watch and decide what’s missing and what shots need an extra beat or two. Overall, I think we might have fell down the Well for the time being. We have a lot of slack to pick up, but we are a team and we can help each other climb back up to the light.

What made the Goats Scream:

We have a story! Whoo! We think we finally have a foundation that we can show and have it make sense to people (or more so elicit the response we want to achieve).

What made the Goats Cry:

We’re behind and in panic mode! Whoo! We need to really buckle down this week and the next, and we need to work significantly harder than before. In the future, we need to work on under-promising and over-delivering, because right now, we’re really successful at the opposite.


Here’s some reference footage + storyboard elements that will probably be confusing to anyone that isn’t on the team, but might fun to watch:

Fall Week 7 PPJ | Sam Ortiz

This week has been an enlightening one especially with the critiques we got from class. The group came together and we were able to change our story into something much more coherent.

My week when I wasn’t busy with work and classes was spent working on the Billy model. I received plenty of feedback about the topology of the model of Billy from last week. I reworked the whole thing and I should have the model done by Wednesday.

I also helped the team shoot some reference footage at a nearby cemetery. It was freezing outside.

What made the Goat Scream?

Finalizing the story into something the group wants is a good sign for us.

What made the Goat Cry?

Creating the models is taking way longer than expected and it is affecting everything else. Getting it done is the top priority.

Fall Week 7 PPJ | Kathy Fu

The past two weeks have been a bit stressful as the story still needed polishing. I have mainly been working on modeling. I have mostly modeling the mom’s face, the body is somewhat in place but still need work. Also would need her outfit as well, which is a dress.

From v01 to v02, the fixes are as below:

  • shaping of the face: the face should be modeled in a relatively relaxed expression
  • the volume of the mesh: realizing the bone and muscle structure so the model is “solid”. v01 lacks the volume in figure (especially the thighs and torso)
  • edge-flow: topology should be evenly spread
  • density: additional edgeloops on the face for better sculpting
  • reducing certain details: things like the shaping of the part behind the knees should be done with displacement/normal map. The base mesh should not contain such details because it will make animation a bit more difficult.
  • the eyelids: double eyelids are usually not modeled as an actual fold, it should have volume and the crease can be exaggerated with textures.

What still needs work:

  • topology: the topology still needs a lot of work. note around the eyes there is a line of edges that are not an edgeloop, this will cause problems in the future
  • shaping: the shaping of the body still needs work. Especially the breasts and the hand.
  • combining: in v02 the head and the body are not yet connected, need to connect that after fixing some topology.


Aside from the model, I also did cloud simulation tests to be used in our project.


What made the goats scream

I’m glad we finally have the story settled, it’s a lot more comforting that the story is finally set.

On top of that, we are finally using basecamp more that is very comforting.

What made the goats cry

I think we are behind schedule which kind of set our team into panic mode. Models where supposed to be done by week05 but we still don’t have it yet. I think all members of our team are failing to deliver what we said we would, probably most likely because we over estimated the amount of time we would have, and underestimated the time needed for the tasks.

Fall Week 7 PPJ | Elly Nemtsov

This past two week sprint was pretty rough. When the whole Senior Project class laughed hysterically watching our animatic, we knew we either had to switch our genre to a comedy or make some hard changes to our story. I refused to go to sleep that day/night until we found a solution to our story. We actually got a bunch of feedback from the other teams at 1AM which was really awesome! It’s nice that we can all suffer together and try to lift each other up, even if we’re not on the same team. But after hours and hours in front of the whiteboard, the group decided it was best to get some sleep and figure it out in the morning. And by morning, I mean about 3 hours later when we had our meeting with our senior advisor. But we poured our heart and soul into our advisor’s hands and we ended up having a very productive conversation. Now we have a story that we’re working with!

We shot some reference for our animatic on Friday. It was nice to see something other than URBN Center walls. On the other hand, we did shoot reference at a cemetery. But surprisingly, it was pretty beautiful.

What made the Goats scream:

I’m happy that we have an iteration of our story that we can move forward in. I don’t think I can count the number of times we’ve mutinied on the structure of our story over the past few months. But now that it’s pretty solid, we should be able to focus more on hitting physical deliverables.

What made the Goats cry:

Pulling those all-nighters trying to solve our story problems were not so fun. That was just one of our push-backs; we don’t have our models yet, so I can’t complete the rigs. But I’m trying to allocate my energy towards asset research so we keep the Goat train moving.

Fall Week 7 PPJ | Elif Yargic

These past two weeks I have been working on our animatic. Last week I created an animatic using the mocap we did and characters from Adobe Fuse. Unfortunately we were missing some mocap data since we changed our story so I used stock images as placeholders (Which turned out to be hilarious). But fortunately, creating that animatic made us realize that the way we presented our story didn’t work. Last week we spent many hours trying to change our story (keeping the core elements but changing the way they occur). We finally FINALLY have a story that we like. We shot reference videos this week and I put them together. Now the story is much more clear but we also need to add some reaction shots and make the whole story go slower. The cuts are very fast and it is jarring. I will work more on the animatic with the final FINAL story we have.

What made the goats scream

I’m  very happy with our story right now. Our reference shoot was very productive. We also went to a cemetery nearby to take reference pics and videos. It was a beautiful day.

What made the goats cry

We are behind schedule! I’m sort of panicked because we were planning on having base models done by week 5 so that we could start rigging, refining the models, and doing blend shapes. It’s week 7 and we still don’t have a base model! Right now our priority is to have the models done asap. I’m just afraid that there might not be enough time to refine our models this term. Not all of us are delivering what they promise they would and that really sets us back. We have to work harder as a team if we want to have the character models and blend shapes done, rigged, and refined.