Fall Week 11 PPJ | Sam Ortiz

We decided that our old story wasn’t working so we changed it. Luckily all the assets we create can be slightly adjusted to fit our new story. The project has started to have the feeling we all wanted to achieve.

I was able to model a few objects such as the pregnancy test, swing, and chair. I also updates a few other models that I made before.


What made the Goats Scream

I’m very happy with the direction our story is taking. It communicates and flows much better than the previous one. We can finally start to see the pieces fall into place for the project.

What made the Goats Cry

Changing the story and adjusting our plans to it has definitely added some stress to the group. Also Thanksgiving break was definitely a break for me. I barely did any work for the project



Fall Week 9 PPJ | Sam Ortiz

I have spent this week modeling and cleaning up assets that will be used in the apartment environment. I’m happy with how the models are all turning out.

The team spent a day shooting mocap and I was one of the actors used. It took awhile but we got good results from it. We were able to got a lot of good shoots with both Maddie and myself interacting with each other. I also made a fool of myself wearing the suit.

The What made the goats scream

The projects are starting to come together and we’re having a better idea of what its all gonna look like


What made the goats cry

The end of the quarter is coming up and it feels like we still have a lot left to do.

Also Trump is our president now…

Fall Week 7 PPJ | Sam Ortiz

This week has been an enlightening one especially with the critiques we got from class. The group came together and we were able to change our story into something much more coherent.

My week when I wasn’t busy with work and classes was spent working on the Billy model. I received plenty of feedback about the topology of the model of Billy from last week. I reworked the whole thing and I should have the model done by Wednesday.

I also helped the team shoot some reference footage at a nearby cemetery. It was freezing outside.

What made the Goat Scream?

Finalizing the story into something the group wants is a good sign for us.

What made the Goat Cry?

Creating the models is taking way longer than expected and it is affecting everything else. Getting it done is the top priority.