Fall Week 11 PPJ | Elly Nemtsov

I’m feeling pretty good about these past couple weeks! We made a pretty big move and changed our story a bit! But we believe the story is much better and we’re using all of our existing assets, so we’re actually in¬†a much better place now than a couple weeks ago. I made us a new Teaser/Behind-The-Scenes Video! I’m happy how it turned out; it sets the mood pretty well! We also had our first task with our Music/Sound team completed, so that was exciting!! I was really impressed with the quick turnaround, even for scratch audio.

What Made the Goats Scream:

We’re smooth sailing with our new story! We’re now adding some creepier elements that we can afford to make because our story holds enough weight. Our models are beginning to look stylized like originally intended, so I’m psyched about that!

What Made the Goats Cry:

I missed out on a lot of work during Thanksgiving Break so I didn’t get to move the rigs forward at all. So we still need completed rigs to stay on track for our fall term schedule.


Fall Week 9 PPJ | Elly Nemtsov

So Week 09 is definitely catching up with me. Even though my deliverable load was not very heavy, I’ve had a few personal set backs over the past week. I’m definitely a little overwhelmed!

Since our Mom rig doesn’t require much complexity because she doesn’t get much acting time, I’ve been trying to use this time as an opportunity to watch different rigging tutorials here and there. And while I thought that would be efficient in kind of getting the best of a few worlds, I found myself missing steps here and there. The goal was to tackle these problems in the past couple days, but I had some family ordeals over the weekend.

What Made the Goats Scream:

I had a great time capturing Mocap with Maddie, Nick’s daughter! So much energy. It definitely makes me feel good to see the team working so hard and getting things done; it will push me this week to get my personal momentum up and running.

What Made the Goats Cry:

I just lost some valuable working time this past week, with some lingering rigging uncertainties.

Fall Week 7 PPJ | Elly Nemtsov

This past two week sprint was pretty rough. When the whole Senior Project class laughed hysterically¬†watching our animatic, we knew we either had to switch our genre to a comedy or make some hard changes to our story. I refused to go to sleep that day/night until we found a solution to our story. We actually got a bunch of feedback from the other teams at 1AM which was really awesome! It’s nice that we can all suffer together and try to lift each other up, even if we’re not on the same team. But after hours and hours in front of the whiteboard, the group decided it was best to get some sleep and figure it out in the morning. And by morning, I mean about 3 hours later when we had our meeting with our senior advisor. But we poured our heart and soul into our advisor’s hands and we ended up having a very productive conversation. Now we have a story that we’re working with!

We shot some reference for our animatic on Friday. It was nice to see something other than URBN Center walls. On the other hand, we did shoot reference at a cemetery. But surprisingly, it was pretty beautiful.

What made the Goats scream:

I’m happy that we have an iteration of our story that we can move forward in. I don’t think I can count the number of times we’ve mutinied on the structure of our story over the past few months. But now that it’s pretty solid, we should be able to focus more on hitting physical deliverables.

What made the Goats cry:

Pulling those all-nighters trying to solve our story problems were not so fun. That was just one of our push-backs; we don’t have our models yet, so I can’t complete the rigs. But I’m trying to allocate my energy towards asset research so we keep the Goat train moving.