Fall Week 11 PPJ | Lawrence Lighty

It’s been somewhat of a hectic two weeks.  The end of the term is nigh and multitasking between senior project and other finals have been tiring. The first week was very productive as apposed to the second week.

What made the Goats Scream

First off, major story elements were changed which resulted in positive feedback from our peers. Since we changed and updated the story, we also had to reshoot footage for mocap, So Elif, Kathy, and I accomplished that.  Also, a group of us were able to meet up with the Music Industry group to discuss the sound effects that are needed for the animatic/animation.  On top of that I was able to work on a few more modeling assets, not a lot but enough.


What made the Goats Cry

So for the second week, I didn’t really work on anything during the Thanksgiving break. I wasn’t near a laptop or computer where i could get my hands on Maya.


Fall Week 11 | Team PPJ

Two weeks later and we have a brand new story! But have no fear, because we don’t! We came up with a solution to our endless cycle of story revisions by finding and adapting a new story. Because we’ve been so engulfed in the story dilemma for quite some time, we kind of lost sight in our artistic style. But again, fear no more! Because we recently updated our character art, as well as our character models, and they look great!

What Made the Goats Scream:

For the first time in a while, we’re not reverting back to an old idea or making any “rash” decisions. We’re excited to see the faculty today and let them know on how we decided to move our project forward.

What Made the Goats Cry: 

While we produced a lot of quality assets this term, we still tended to dwell on the story almost every week. This might’ve stunted our productivity at times, but ultimately our long battle with our story carried us to where we are now! And we’re actually not crying so much! We still do have some unfinished tasks for the fall term, like rigging and blendshapes, but it shouldn’t hinder us that much as we approach winter break.

Team PPJ | Week 9

I feel like every week we’re like “holy cow, it’s week ##!” But now that it’s Week 09, the term is nearing the end and we have so much to do! Luckily, the Goats are moving! It seems like we’ve allocated tasks just right so that the energy spent on working is actually moving the team forward toward our Fall Term goals, which are: having a complete animatic & being in a good place for production come Winter Term. The structure of our story is still intact this time around, so that’s definitely a good sign for us! We just have to hone in some of the details to make for a standalone piece.

What Made the Goats Scream:

It looks like everyone is really carrying their load and moving the project forward. We have the Mocap data we need for the final animatic, and although we’re technically behind in our projected timeline, both the character and environment models are coming out at a great pace for Week 9.

What Made the Goats Cry:

We’re just racing the clock at this point. We know what we have to get done by the end of the term, and we know that we have to stay really focused in the coming weeks, regardless of the disarray of the country 🙂




Fall Week 9 PPJ | Lawrence Lighty

For the last week, I worked on mocap with Elif and I spent time working on the assets for the apartment.  Sam, Victoria and I have all divided up the work for the environment, which has sped up the process of a lot of the modeling.  I’ve started cleaning up most of my models while some models still need to be worked on.

What made the Goats Scream

It was my first time doing mocap ever and it was a nice experience.  I was able to help Elif re-shoot the scenes that needed to be done, which resulted in cleaner data and made her job easier.  Also, with the help of Sam and Victoria with environment modeling, we should be able to dish out asset models faster than usual.

What made the Goats Cry

Having certain duties finished by the end of the quarter could lead to a few setbacks.  But I’m confident that it will not push us back far.



Team PPJ | Week 7

If you were anywhere near the vicinity of the team the last couple weeks, you could definitely hear the Goats screaming, or crying (whichever is more unpleasant to the ear). Aside from making the whole URBN Annex laugh from our animatic (keep in mind we’re not doing comedy), we received a lot of feedback that really woke us up from what could have been a nightmare of an over scoped project. Our story just had too much going on in too many locations, and we weren’t achieving what we wanted with our project. So after hours of ripping the story apart with a hint of mental breakdown across the board, we finally have a story structure that we can set sail with and now get the Goat on the road.

A lot of energy was allotted to the refinement of the story, and now we need to reallocate it back to the other tasks, because we are about two weeks behind. But we already have a fairly decent animatic-esque thing that we can watch and decide what’s missing and what shots need an extra beat or two. Overall, I think we might have fell down the Well for the time being. We have a lot of slack to pick up, but we are a team and we can help each other climb back up to the light.

What made the Goats Scream:

We have a story! Whoo! We think we finally have a foundation that we can show and have it make sense to people (or more so elicit the response we want to achieve).

What made the Goats Cry:

We’re behind and in panic mode! Whoo! We need to really buckle down this week and the next, and we need to work significantly harder than before. In the future, we need to work on under-promising and over-delivering, because right now, we’re really successful at the opposite.


Here’s some reference footage + storyboard elements that will probably be confusing to anyone that isn’t on the team, but might fun to watch:

Fall Week 7 PPJ | Lawrence Lighty

It’s been an interesting two weeks.  After getting a fair amount of insightful criticism on the animatic, I helped reshape the story with the team.  A few of the members and I attended the Audio meet and greet.  Afterwards, we shot reference video for our animation. Which really helped us figure out the pacing of our animation.

What made the goats scream

Our story is in a better place and I really feel that acting out the shots of our animation, benefited us nicely.  

What made the goats cry

We finally have a concrete story but it’s getting late in the game. It’s going to be a heavy workload for the upcoming weeks, but I’m confident we’ll me most of our goals.

Fall Week 5 PPJ | Victoria Loyo

The past couple of weeks I have been expanding on the character design. We have progressed a lot with our story so because of that we decided to expand and add as many different versions of the character as possible so that we, as a whole team, can choose what specific one gets closer to the version we want. There was a meeting and some decisions made, we decided on a specific animation style and I had to redraw the characters as their new style. I have also made orthographic images of both the child model and the adult model.

What made the Goats Scream 

There has been a significant improvement over the past weeks with our story and this has helped us get more of a realized concept that we want. The characters have changed a bit and I think for the better.

What made the Goats Cry 

I asked my group for animation style for the drawings and got just a couple of responses that didn’t actually answered the question so I went with an animation/drawing style that, when we met, they didn’t like. (-.-) I was very frustrated at the time because as I was showing it they just stared in silence (clearly hating it) and their comment was “it’s not the animation style I was picturing”. So I said, “I asked you guys a couple of days ago…”(trying not to kill them). We talked and resolved it, I made the corrections and we are fine but it was definitely something that could’ve been avoided.

There was also a confusion with our second pitch, we definitely didn’t explain the story as we should’ve.

Fall Week 5 | Team PPJ

It seems like just yesterday we were writing our Week 03 PPJ. Time is flying by super fast. Our Week 03 was composed of one-on-one meetings with 4 different faculty members. We did not want to touch the story until we got our  4 professors to give us their two cents. They gave a lot of helpful and insightful suggestions, and as a team, we chiseled down the ranging spectrum of advice, and we have sculpted what now is our final story. We were fairly confident going into the faculty pitch; a lot of concerns we had in previous versions were answered with our newest iteration. Unfortunately, our storyboards could not tell our story as well as we could in our heads. Even with last minute touch-ups to the storyboards, the shots just did not read to our audience. This is our biggest challenge. But we are confident we will get there.

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We have become a lot more organized over the past week. We started to use Basecamp and we find it very useful in keeping everything on track. Kathy sorted out our pipeline and file naming conventions, so our file storage is a lot cleaner and efficient. This organization helped us more easily recognize and prioritize our tasks, so our group branched off and got a lot done this week. Elif and Elly spent a few hours in the Mocap room, capturing data for our animatic. We made use of an existing character model we built for a previous class, so Sam has been working on touching up the topology for a base model that we can use to sculpt our characters with. Kathy and Victoria have been working on concept art and asset research. And Lawrence has blocked in our environments that we will use for our animatic. We can all agree that the term is moving quicker than we thought, but we are moving forward in all areas!

What Made the Goats Scream

We are getting a lot done! We cleaned up nice over the week with pipeline design and the use of Basecamp. Our milestone for the end of the term is to have a complete animatic, and we are definitely moving toward that direction at a decent pace. We also got our hands dirty with V-Ray this past week for our ANIM411 assignments, which makes rendering seem not so scary anymore.

What Made the Goats Cry

The faculty pitch made us cry. We have the story, but we just do not have the visual cues and tropes in place to present our story clearly. We do have a number of ideas for visual cues, but we need to implement them asap into something whole that we can show an audience for “play-testing”. Again, time is moving very quickly and it is pretty scary! We have a lot to get done before the end of Fall Term, so we really have to push through the next couple weeks and have some strong deliverables. More quality bonding time in the labs should help with that! 🙂

Fall Week 5 PPJ | Elly Nemtsov

So a good portion of Week 03 was spent meeting with 4 different faculty members, one-on-one. And those meetings pretty much determined where our story was headed going into the Week 04 Faculty Pitch. There were a lot of very insightful thoughts and suggestions from the professors, so we tried to pick out bits and pieces from each meeting and mold it into our story. And I’m happy where the story is! Now the challenge is to be able to visually tell our story and get an audience on board with it!

Our storyboards were well framed, but still very roughly drawn before the presentation. So the night before, I took over and tried my best to add emotion to the characters and add visual cues to make the story flow. And even though those little additions were recognized during the presentation, we still got crickets after letting our animatic run. Unfortunately the only time we visually show our story to an audience is at our faculty pitches, and each time, we’ve gotten a harsh wake-up call!

Last week, Elif and I spent a few hours in the Mocap room capturing data for our animatic. I feel like we both have a good grasp on how the characters should act, so it was fun watching Elif bring the boys to life (especially since it was her first time in the suit)! I had to head home for Yom Kippur from Tuesday to Thursday, so I didn’t have a lot of time to work. And when I came back to Philly, I ended up spending the weekend troubleshooting 20min-60min/frame render times for my ANIM411 assignment.

But even though this wasn’t a task for Senior Project, I was forced to dive deeper into V-Ray, which I had never done. So I could have some solutions for rendering issues that our group might run into in the future!

What Made the Goats Scream

I am really happy that I was forced to delve into V-Ray. I know a lot of past projects have had rendering issues too late in the game, so hopefully this nightmare of a weekend will have prepared us for future issues.  I’m also happy that we have a good amount of motion capture data; we might need that animatic boost ASAP to help visualize our story.

What Made the Goats Cry

The crickets after running our animatic at the pitch was pretty bad. I want to just spend all my time fixing up the storyboard and creating a clearer visual representation of our story, but I know time is of the essence and my time is more valuable elsewhere (rigging).

Fall Week 5 PPJ | Lawrence Lighty

So this week I worked on the environments for our scenes. I began with creating the basic exterior for the motel.  Also, I started work on developing the lay out for the well scene.  For the last location for this week, I worked on the garage parking lot location. All of these are very rough, but it’s good to tackle this has soon as possible. We’ll be able to use these rough locations, just to see how our characters will move in these spaces.

What made the goats scream

While working on the environment, I felt like I got a better glimpse of what our final project could look like.

What made the goats scream

While creating the locations, I constantly kept thinking about the large amount of assets we will need in our scenes.  It seems overwhelming, but I realize that you just got to take it day by day, model by model.